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    Map of the Tomb

    360° Tour of Egypt

    Make a Mummy

    Ancient Tomb
    Opened on Live TV

    An Ancient Oasis
    Is Rediscovered

    Producing TV From
    The Middle of Nowhere

    Egypt Has a Long
    History of Grave Robbers

    Disturbing the Dead

    The Pyramids and Sphinx

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    Cemetery of Anubis

    Tomb Raiders

    Pyramids in Giza

    Cairo Marketplace

    Egyptian Treasures

    Egyptian Pyramids

    Mummy Dearest

    Death Masks

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    Bahariya Circa World
    War II: From English House
    to English Patient

    The Embalming Industry:
    Mummification for Faith
    and Profit

    Bahariya Has Much to Tell
    of Greco-Roman Egypt

    Greco-Roman Egypt Was
    a Culture in Transition



    Map of Bahariya

    Biography: Hugh Downs

    Biography: Zahi Hawass

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    Link to Dr. Hawass' Site

  • The Fox News team at the Tombs will be transmitting digital images throughout the broadcast. Check back at every break for the latest exclusive photos.

    Segment 1: The Sheikh Soubi site, and the baby's sarcophagus. Segment 2: Cemetery of Anubis, the Bahariya Oasis.
    Segment 3: Bill Pullman and Zawi Hawass at Anubis. Segment 4: X-rays, and the grave robbers' tomb.
    Segment 5: Under Sheikh Soubi. Segment 6: Hollywood and Egypt.
    Segment 7: Bill Pullman and Zawi Hawass at Anubis. Segment 8: Cairo today: the Khan al-Khalili marketplace.
    Segment 9: Opening the Djed Khonso sarcophagus.